Findings: Research meets Industry

The world today is full of complexity and data is the fuel that helps drive intelligent action. Businesses must be grounded in accurate data to produce the next industrial revolution, through innovation and AI brought about by research. Using data science, it helps breach that multi-disciplinary area to benefit all.

Thus, having a clear agenda that combines research and industry is the route to successfully navigating the fast moving business landscape.


The research followed a mixed methods approach, using sequential explanatory design. The quantitative research phase, using an online survey, highlighted the breadth of issues relevant to database management. It concluded that existing practices and procedures were not optimal, and revealed some of the complexities. Based on the findings from the survey the qualitative research phase that followed utilized information from the quantitative survey to seek understanding of key areas, through a number of focus groups. As part of this research, an innovative method was developed in which thematic analysis of the resulting data was deepened through the use of systems thinking and diagramming.

Database Research Guides

The code of practice for the survey was:

Research Degree Storyboard

Storytelling is an important facet when working with data. This is the story of the entire research degree. Storyboard booklet
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Introduction to the Research

Slides from a presentation summarising the research. click here

Thesis Abstract

The abstract submitted for the PhD thesis can be read here

Database Systems Guide to Best Practice

Database Systems provide the foundation stones for creating intelligent action. This guide demystifies what are the keys areas of best practice, to be considered when managing database systems. click here

A Guide to Complexity of Database Systems.

In the turbulent fast moving field of database systems, complexity is found everywhere. The volume, variety & velocity of data is continually expanding as well as the accessibility & realization that businesses have a wealth of untapped data that can be democratised. click here
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