Research Data Collection

The data collection for this research is now completed.

It consisted of two parts, a quantitative survey that was undertaken through Survey Monkey and several Focus Groups to collect qualitative data.

Database Management and Best Practices

Database management is, at its heart, the administration associated with the storage, manipulation, modification and retrieval of data held within a database management system (DBMS). Organizations today require impeccable database management in order to maintain a high quality of data and for that data to be secure and available whenever it is required for the tasks in hand.

Certain practices can be considered best practice. Best practices can be defined as a recommended way of carrying out actions for desirable outcomes as advised by product vendors or senior technical people in the field.

Code of Practice for the Research

The code of practice for the survey was:

  • The Data will be used only for the purposes of this research.
  • No data in the final research will be personally identifiable.
  • If articles are published in journals it may be necessary to send the anonymised data to the publisher to verify the results.
  • If you enter your email address with your answers, your contributions can be identified and destroyed if you choose to withdraw consent. You have a right to withdraw consent at any time with no resultant adverse consequences.
  • Partially completed data is saved and if you decide to not continue completing the survey part way through it will not be possible to identify that data and as such it can not be deleted.
  • You can answer all questions in this survey anonymously and although Survey Monkey can store the respondent's IP address, this survey is configured so the respondent's IP address will not be stored in the survey results to protect anonymity. Anonymous contributions are not personally identifiable so your contributions cannot be linked to you and so you won't be able to withdraw consent for anonymous contributions.
  • By participating in this questionnaire you are agreeing to give consent for your contributions to be used for the study.
  • The study will abide by the requirements of the Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Copyright and Licensing Acts.
  • Once the research is concluded the anonymised research data will be available as an open data set on this website in order to make the data available to other researchers in line with current data sharing practices.

Focus Groups

The Focus group meetings took place in Bath, Cambridge, Amsterdam and via electronic media.

Data Management Plan

The data management plan describes how the data will be managed throughout the lifecycle of this research. The view the plan click here
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